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Mounting Cylinder
ST 20-3/8

Overview | Specifications
  • adapter from 20 mm to 3/8''
  • for use with the flanged mounting adapter with internal shock mount AF1
Mounting Cylinder ST 20-3/8

This cylindrical mounting adapter is inserted into the AF 1 elastic suspension. Its 3/8" tap screw can hold a support rod or gooseneck.The adapter exists in a long and a short version.

There are two notches in the sides of the adapter, through which the cable or cables can be passed. Alternatively, the cable can be passed through the centre of the adapter. For this purpose, the adapter has a hole drilled in the center of its top which can be used to pass a miniature cable through. However, the connector has to be dismantled to do this. The only exception is the RC KC cable, since its connector at the amplifier end does not fit through the 20 mm opening.

ST 20-3/8, standard and long version