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Col de cygne court
S 170 L

  • flexible court et fin pour suspendre un microphone on libre
  • élégant et discret
  • applications : scène, théâtre, microphone d’ambiance
  • flexible orientable à volonté
Col de cygne court S 170 L

The S 170 L is a gooseneck with Lemo connectors at both ends. This version is suggested particularly for installations in which the microphone cables have already been laid down, e.g. in theaters.

The Lemo-to-XLR-3M cables K 5 LU (ca. 16' long), K 10 LU (ca. 33' long), etc. can be connected at the end of the S 170 L.
They offer the following features:

– Miniature Lemo plug for a CCM compact microphone on the front end, and an XLR-3M at the other end
– Especially thin (3 mm diameter), but very robust due to Kevlar fibers specially worked into the insulation, making it tear- and break-resistant
– The cable can withstand narrow-radius bending many thousands of times, and remains very flexible at low temperatures
– Outer material: Polyurethane
– Up to 300 meters (ca. 1000') of this cable can be used at the output of a CCM

Length of the flexible part of the S 170 L: 140 mm
Surface: non-reflecting