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Active Extension Tube

Overview | Specifications
  • adjustable angle 0° (fully extended) - 120°
  • available in lengths 350, 700, 1200mm
  • a complete stand setup consists of MK capsule, RC, STR, BF 250 and CMC 6
Active Extension Tube RC

Active Extension Tubes are used between a Colette series microphone's capsule and amplifier. This provides an unobtrusive way to place a microphone capsule directly in front of a vocalist or announcer without blocking anyone's view. This type of extension tube has become the standard for miking orchestras in television and video productions.

The RG 8 swivel clamps the Colette tube onto a vertical support rod, allowing adjustment of the tube's height and angle. The angle of the capsule relative to the tube is adjustable independently from 0° (fully extended) to 120°. This gives the Colette tube a very wide range of applications.

Laterally-addressed capsules (MK 4V, MK 41V, MK 4VXS, MK 6 and MK 8) can be used on the RC with a small elastic ring which we will supply at no extra charge. This ring should be slipped over the threads of the RC so that the capsule can be aimed in the desired direction.