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Plug-in for RTAS, VST, VST3, AU

  • Based on the SCHOEPS Polarflex technique that was presented for the first time in 1998
  • Create novel polar patterns, create novel sound characteristics that elsewhere don’t exist
  • Tune the sound after/while recording
  • A Polarflex reference setup consists of the Polarflex microphone A2P CCM and the Polarflex Plug-in
Plug-in for RTAS, VST, VST3, AU Polarflex

How the plug-in works
With the Polarflex plug-in it is possible to intelligently mix two capsules such that a totally new pattern with its unique sound is created.
Now, what happens in the plug-in?
The Polarflex plug-in mixes two capsules (Omni and Fig-8) in three different frequency bands such that the level and the frequency response of the diffuse sound and with that the directivity of the micro-phone is altered.
The plug-in automatically maintains the overall level at all frequencies which means that every possible setting leads to a potentially useful result. This is computed similarly to a panning knob: The larger the portion of the omni is in the mix, the smaller is the portion of the Fig-8/cardioid.


  • When the line is on the top position, only the omni is mixed in the output
  • When the line is in the middle, the result will be a cardioid, being the exact sum of an Omni and a Fig-8 microphone.
  • When you choose a wide cardioid at low frequencies, a cardioid at middle frequencies and a hypercardioid at high frequencies, the result will be similar to a large membrane capsule
  • Try to switch between different settings in Stereo Mode: By altering the mixing ratio, the correla-tion of the recorded diffuse sound field is varied at the same time. This offers a powerful mean to vary the room sound of your Stereo microphone.