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Basket-Type Windscreen set with fur
Pianissimo PIANI-3

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  • basket-type windscreen with elastic suspension for double M/S
  • for Double-M/S
  • without microphones
Basket-Type Windscreen set with fur Pianissimo PIANI-3

The Piano is a highly efficient windshield.
Its special geometry leads to a high acoustical transparency and thus extremly low coloration. At the same time the attenuation of wind noise is very high.

The Windscreen set is composed of:

- Main cage and swivel two axis
- Mono Suspension Module with elliptical isolators for 3 CCM microphones
- 3D Primary fabric
- Fur: to be precised (LP: long piles; SP: short piles)
- Polycarbonate shell
- XLR7 output

�Double M/S� is an improved version of the well-known M/S stereo recording technique. In addition to a front-facing cardioid or supercardioid �mid� microphone and a figure-8 �side� microphone, a rear-facing directional microphone is set up. The front- and rear-facing microphones share the signal of the figure-8 microphone so as to form two complete, back-to-back M/S systems. One M/S system then provides the three front channels (the center channel signal being provided directly by the mid microphone of the front system), while the other system provides the two surround channels.
An arrangement of this kind allows flexible processing of the stereo surround image width and post-production adjustment for both of the M/S pairs.

The SCHOEPS "Double M/S Tool" plug-in enables customized, intuitive decoding of the three signals of the Double M/S system.

Features and Application of the "Double MS Tool" are described here.