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Set Cage anti-vent avec fourrure
Pianissimo PIANI-2

  • pour syst�me M/S st�r�o
  • grande transparence acoustique, grande att�nuation du bruit de vent
  • utilisable aussi en mono
  • Disponible comme accessoire: protection contre pluie "Piani Kelly"
  • sans microphones

The Piano is a highly efficient windshield.
Its special geometry leads to a high acoustical transparency and thus extremly low coloration. At the same time the attenuation of wind noise is very high.

The Windscreen set is composed of:

- Main cage and swivel two axis
- 3D Primary fabric
- Fur: to be precised (LP: long piles; SP: short piles)
- Polycarbonate shell
- XLR5 output
- Mono Suspension Module with elliptical isolators for 2 microphones:

Model "PIANI-2-CMC-CCM8" for a pair CMC 6+MK x und CCM 8

Model "PIANI-2-CMC-CMC" for a pair CMC 6+MK x und CMC 6+MK 8