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Set Cage anti-vent avec fourrure
Piano PIA-1

  • pour les micros canon CMIT 5 U et SuperCMIT 2 U (microphones pas incluses)
  • high acoustical transparency, high attenuation of wind noise
  • disponible comme accessoire: protection contre pluie Pia Kelly
WSC Piano PIA-1

The new WSC Piano is a highly efficient windshield for the CMIT 5 U or the SuperCMIT 2 U.
Its special geometry leads to a high acoustical transparency and thus extremly low coloration. At the same time the attenuation of wind noise is very high.

The piano for the first time realizes a number of unique features. Its suspended cage avoids the transmission of noise from the boom to the microphone. This makes it much easier for the boom operator. The microphone itself is suspended as well, by an CINELA OSIX-type elastic suspension.
The piano is extremely easy to use: both the installation of the microphone as well as the change of the fur only requires only a few actions. Furthermore, it is built very robust, with the help of modern plastic.

The set WSC Piano PIA-1 is composed of:
- the windshield Piano
- the main fabric for use indoors and at light wind conditions
- Fur: to be precised (LP: long piles; SP: short piles)
- a one-axis swivel for 3/8" installation
- a light-weight XLR3 extension
- the OSIX microphone suspension (A3/B3)
- case

Available as accessory: The rain cover Pia Kelly protects the basket and the microphones against light rain.

The Piano is also available in an M/S- (WSC PIA-2S) and a Double M/S (WSC PIA-3S) configuration.

WSC Piano PIA-1 avec SuperCMIT