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PAD 10/20 C

  • ca. 10 dB constant attenuation
  • raises maximum sound pressure level by ca. 10 dB
  • attenuates signal ahead of CMC microphone ampli fiers of the Colette modular system
PAD 10 C (formerly DZC 10)

Under extreme conditions, even a SCHOEPS Colette series microphone can be overdriven by very high sound pressure levels. Here the limiting factor is not the capsule but the microphone amplifier. The overload point ranges from 128 – 135 dB-SPL, depending on the capsule and the amplifier type (e.g. 5 dB lower with the “+5 dB“ version).
In these situations the signal level at the amplifier input may be attenuated by inserting a PAD between the capsule and the microphone amplifier or the Active Ac cessories.

The use of two PAD 10 C on one microphone will result in an attenuation of only ca. 15 dB due to the capacitive principle of operation. If the level must be attenuated by a full 20 dB, a PAD 20 C should be used.

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