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Plug-and-Play setup for Surround Ambience Recording
ORTF Surround Indoor Set

  • indoor plug and play solution for Surround Ambience
  • optimal imaging characteristics like those of the “IRT Cross”:
    good 360° imaging with a pleasant, natural-sounding spatial impression
  • complete set including the mounting bar, four CCM 41 L supercardioids and the breakout cable
  • applications: sporting events, film sound, etc.
Plug-and-Play setup for Surround Ambience Recording ORTF Surround Indoor Set

The “ORTF Surround” recording method is a new system for the pickup of surround ambience. This microphone arrangement and its sonic characteristics are quite similar to those of the well-known “IRT Cross“ designed by Günther Theile. Both the 360° imaging and the spatial impression are of optimal quality. This is achieved with a high degree of signal separation among channels, based both on arrival-time differences and level differences.

The ORTF Surround Indoor Set comprises:

  • four CCM 41 Lg compact microphones
  • a four-way “ORTF Surround Bar“ (ORTF Surround Bar LM) terminated with a Surround multi-pin connector (AES-65)
  • an elastic suspension (Rycote Invision INV-7)
  • a 5-meter, four-way Binder multi-core cable (K Surround 5 M)
  • an adapter cable AK Surround M/4U (Multipin / 4 × XLR-3M)
When working indoors, the ORTF Surround Indoor Set is used without windscreen. If a moderate degree of wind protection should be required, a Schoeps B 5 D foam windscreen can be placed over each microphone separately.