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Passive matrix for Double M/S

  • the simplest way to decode five channels from three microphone signals
  • powers the three microphones correctly when connected to five microphone inputs
Passive matrix for Double M/S MDMS U

With "Double M/S" Surround, the SCHOEPS M DMS matrix is, in all respects, the simplest and most elegant way to obtain surround signals.
It is a small, sturdy box with high-quality transformers forming a passive decoder matrix. Microphone signals are converted directly into 5.0 L / R / C / LS / RS surround signals. A second, switchable mode supplies four signals with no center-channel output.

The matrix parameters have been chosen so that the resulting signals correspond to an optimal arrangement (as shown at left) while avoiding unwanted artifacts. Both settings have the following characteristics:

– minimal overlap (crosstalk)
– optimal pickup balance in all directions
– well-balanced 360° localization capability
– optimal constancy of total levels across 360°
– minimal pickup via the rear lobe (< -11 dB)

The matrix settings were determined through extensive practical testing, including ambient recordings, television shows, and theatrical and musical performances. In general the best possible results will be those obtained by using the output signals of the M DMS matrix directly.