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A/B and OCT Stereo Mounting Bar
MAB 1000

  • for two microphones in an A/B arrangement
  • with extension bar for a third, central microphone offset slightly in front of the other two; this is especially useful for OCT pickup
  • can be expanded for five-channel OCT surround
MAB 1000 with 3 x CCM

This 1-meter-long mounting bar has 3/8" threaded attachments for three stand adapters or shock mounts. The microphone positions are continuously adjustable.
Each side of the bar is engraved with markings every 2.5 cm so that distances of 5 cm, 10 cm, 15 cm, etc. can easily be set between the two outer microphones.

Accessories (included): KMAB 1000, robust, foam-lined carrying case for the two MAB 1000 stereo bars and a CB-MAB mounting bracket

Accessories (optional):

  • stand clamps or shock mounts: SG 20 or A 20 for Colette-series microphones (e.g. CMC); SGC or AC for CCM-series microphones.
  • CB-MAB mounting bracket for OCT surround; holds two MAB 1000 bars at variable distance (13 – 47 cm)
  • MC-MAB microphone carriage for additional microphones
  • 40 cm extension bar for OCT 2