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Miniature Stereo Mounting Bar
M 100 C

  • for X/Y and ORTF
Miniature Stereo Mounting Bar M 100 C

The M 100 C allows ORTF with two axially addressed capsules or microphones:
MK 4 or MK 5 capsules + KC Active Cables or CCM 4 or CCM 5 compact microphones

Further it can be used for X/Y as above or with laterally addressed capsules or microphones such as the MK 4V or CCM 4V U / L

The M 100 C is the solution for compact stereo recording rigs. This “T-Bar“ style mount is unobtrusive with a bar length of only six inches and a black anodized finish. The device can be tilted forward or backward as needed.

When shockmounting is critical, the addition of the A 20 S and ST 20-3/8 mounting cylinder is all that is needed. For installations requiring a small stereo setup that must be hung, the M 100 C with an H 20g upgrade is perfect.

An adapter for 3/8" and 1/2" threading is supplied.