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Active Low-Cut Filters
LC 60 U, LC 120 U

  • active low-cut filters for phantom-powered microphones, in particular CCM compact condenser microphones and CMC microphones of the Colette modular system
  • for standard phantom power, 12 V or 48 V
Active Low-Cut Filters LC 60 U, LC 120 U

These electronic filters can be inserted anywhere in the microphone cable path. With a rolloff of 18 dB/octave, the LC 60 U suppresses low-frequency acoustic interference (e.g. wind noise, or solid-borne infrasonic noise such as handling noise during boom operation) without detracting from the sound quality of voice recordings. Under extreme conditions the LC 120 U can be used, though it may have an audible effect on the sound of a voice. Both filters can help prevent overloading the input circuit to which a micro phone is connected – a problem which occurs more often than many people realize.

The LC 60 U and the LC 120 differ merely in their cut-off frequencies, these being 60Hz and 120Hz respectively.