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HQ Microphone Cable (mono)
K EMC 10 U

  • particularly unsusceptible against RF interference
HQ Microphone Cable (mono) K EMC 10 U

SCHOEPS is well-known as a manufacturer of microphones and microphone accessories. Microphone cables have long been among these offerings.
As with all our products we place great value on high quality, which to us means the best possible technical characteristics. We have no interest in superfluous features or the non-technical, mystifying descriptions which unfortunately are so common with ”high-end” cables.
The K EMC is our newest cable. It offers particularly good immunity to electromagnetic interference.

What distinguishes the K EMC?
There are several essential requirements for good cables in professional applications. The SCHOEPS K EMC meets these requirements in an ideal manner:

  • It uses high-quality Neutrik XLR-3 "EMC"-type connectors. These have been specially developed to help prevent ground loops and combat ”Pin 1” problems.
  • Its star-quad construction is especially effective in resisting magnetic interference.
  • The low capacitance and series resistance permit the use of very great lengths when needed.
  • Its robust electrical screen is cross-braided for improved coverage, with a graphite-coated inner mantle; both features shield the inner conductors optimally from radio-frequency interference.
  • It is only 4 mm in diameter, yet is very robust due to the multiple bundles of Kevlar fiber in its jacket.
  • It has no tendency to twist or untwist once installed; if you suspend a microphone from this type of cable, the microphone's orientation will be preserved.
  • It can be bent many thousands of times within a narrow radius if necessary, without breaking.
  • It remains particularly flexible in the cold, due to its polyurethane outer jacket.

The connectors
SCHOEPS' single-channel microphone cables feature special RF-resistant Neutrik connectors at both ends. These connectors use a circular array of miniature capacitors to connect pin 1 to the connector housings, thus offering substantial protection from radio-frequency interference while also preventing ground loops. This approach completely settles the old question of whether to connect the cable shield to pin 1 at one or both ends of the cable.

For easy identification, the plug connector has a nickel finish while the socket connector is black.

Available standard lengths: 10, 20 and 30 meters
Order designation: K EMC 10 U (= 10-meter length), etc.