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Fully integrated headset

  • fully integrated: microphone, gooseneck and headphones form a unit
  • highest intelligibility
  • special cardioid microphone with steep bass rolloff (4VXP ou 4VP)
  • forte atténuation des bruits parasites due à l’extrême proximité
  • grande insensibilité aux “pops”
  • écouteur opposé rabattable vers le haut
Fully integrated headset HSC 4VXP/4VP

The HSC 4VXP is a completely integrated headset.
A compact microphone CCM 4VXP (cardioids designed for close pickup of speech) is permanently connected with the Ultrasone HFI 780 headphone via a gooseneck element.
A single cable connects to the headset. It is then split to a microphone output (XLR-3M) and the headphone input (1/4" stereo phone plug).
The headset comes with the popp screen B 5. For even greater protection against wind and popping noise, the popscreen B 5 D can be used instead.

The microphone CCM 4VXP offers a steep bass rolloff and a mild high-frequency boost. It is designed for lateral sound pickup at the shortest possible distance, i.e. directly in front of the speaker’s mouth. Proximity effect compensates for its low-frequency rolloff such that the microphone has an even frequency response for the person speaking, while background noise encounters the full response rolloff and is greatly reduced.

The HSC was developed in cooperation with professionals who expect the highest sound quality and intelligibility.

In place of the cardioid microphones, an omnidirectional microphone such as the CCM 2S can be used; the result would have a very natural sound color and no proximity effect. However, the sensitivity to off-axis noise would then be higher.