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The microphone should be protected from vocal “popping” noises by the use of a small, simple foam windscreen such as the B 5; this is also recommended for hygienic reasons.

Since the cable between the microphone and the headset (KHS LI) is subjected to increased stress, it can easily be exchanged if necessary.ops et aux bruits de manipulation.

For standard cable lengths and connectors, see illustration.
Other connectors (supplied by the customer) can be installed at no extra charge if requested when ordering.

Even with a popscreen on the microphone, the engraved line at its bottom remains visible. This line indicates the orientation of the 0° axis.

In place of the cardioid microphone, an omnidirectional microphone such as the CCM 2S Lg can be used; the result (model HS 2S) would have lower sensitivity to popping and handling noise.