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Surround Plug-in for RTAS, VST, AU
Double MS Tool BF (2012)

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Software plug-in
Double MS Tool BF (2012)
Mac - Installer
Download (dmg, 7.31 MByte)
Double MS Tool BF (2012)
Windows - Installer
Download (zip, 989.1 kByte)
Double MS Tool - Documents
Double MS plugins 2012
Overview of the current plugins
English Download (pdf, 2.27 MByte)
User guide
Double MS Tool BF (2012)
Installation, Setup and Userguide
English Download (pdf, 2.54 MByte)
Schoeps Surround Microphones
presents the SCHOEPS Surround microphones
English Download (pdf, 1.3 MByte)