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Surround Plug-in for RTAS, VST
Double MS Tool (2011)

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After recording the three Double M/S signals (front cardioid, figure-8, rear cardioid) to three tracks in a sequencer program, they can be decoded by the plug-in to a 5.0 mix. Decoding is intuitive because the resulting polar diagrams of the virtual “output channels” are displayed in real time.
Any change of a parameter is visible on the spot as a change of the polar diagram. The audio signal also changes in real time without interruptions, allowing settings to be optimized in a quick and comfortable way.

The plug-in is customized for the use of SCHOEPS microphones in a Double M/S setup. It has been tailored to the sensitivities of the CCM 4V and CCM 8 compact microphones (cardioid, figure-8) or the corresponding capsules MK 4V and MK 8. The built-in equalization is furthermore designed to match the CCM/ MK 8.

Input and output channels:

  • Input 1 (L): CCM / MK 4V front (cardioid)
  • Input 2 (R): CCM / MK 8 (figure-8, positive phase left)
  • Input 3 (C): CCM / MK 4V rear (cardioid)
  • Output 1, 2: L, R
  • Output 3, 4: C, -
  • Output 5, 6: LS, RS
Control elements:
  • "Polar pattern" of the output channels C, L/R and LS/RS. It is continuously adjustable
    between 0 (= figure-8) and 1 (= omni)
  • "Microphone angle" between the resulting output microphones L/R and LS/RS.
    It is continuously adjustable between 0° and 90°
  • "Rear delay" of the LS/RS channels in order to avoid localization errors. It is continuously adjustable between 0 ms and 50 ms
  • "HF roll off" of the LS/RS channels to avoid localization errors - a first-order low pass of (6 dB/oct.), continuously adjustable between 1 kHz and "off"
  • "Volume" for the C, L/R, LS/RS channels - continuously adjustable between 0 dB and "off"
  • "Mute" for the C, L/R, LS/RS channels
  • "Presets": Enables quick recall of factory presets as well as saving and loading of user settings
  • Display of the polar diagrams of the output channel: Five polar diagrams in distinct colors make the resulting directivity characteristics visible. You always hear what you see.
  • Peak meter to control the function and the level of the three input and five output channels

One of the shortcomings of conventional M/S recording is the mutual dependency of opening angle and polar pattern: When the opening angle is varied, the polar pattern is also changed and vice versa. In the Double M/S Tool the signal processing automatically avoids this artifact; all parameters may be varied independently.
This also makes the plug-in interesting for two-channel recording. Thus the diversity of coincident recording is optimally demonstrated. Use of the plug-in is intuitive, and does not require training.

Double M/S Tool