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Surround Plug-in for RTAS, VST
Double MS Tool (2011)

  • decodes the three Double M/S signals to a 5.0 mix
  • available for free
  • requires a multi-channel software host
Surround Plug-in for RTAS, VST Double MS Tool (2011)

The SCHOEPS "Double M/S Tool" plug-in enables customized, intuitive decoding of the three signals of the Double M/S system.

Features and Application of the "Double MS Tool" are described here.
You can download the plug-in for free.

If the plugin doesn't work or the format is wrong, an ordinary dematricing without the plugin is possible easily:
The easiest way of routing the three microphone signals Front, Fig-8 and Rear to the loudspeakers L,R,C,LS and RS works as follows:
- Front to C (optionally plus a bit of phase-reversed Rear)
- Duplicate the Fig-8 channel
- M/S Matrix from Front and Fig-8 for L and R
- M/S Matrix from Rear und Fig-8 for LS and RS

System requirements and installation:

VST Windows/Mac: The VST plug-in is used in a sequencer program offering a Steinberg VST
interface. The host software has to offer a multichannel VST interface such as Sequoia, Samplitude (both from v9.0), Cubase, Nuendo, Wavelab, Audio Mulch.

VST is a registered trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

RTAS Mac: Use the RTAS installer. The installation procedures will guide you and ask for the relevant paths. Digidesign Pro Tools LE systems will need the "Complete Production Toolkit".

Read the Tutorial for the Installation of the plug-in.

Version history:

1.1 - 1.8.2008: First version VST Mac and RTAS Mac
1.1 - 10.7.2008: VST Windows version: Minor bug fix in the input section; now compatible with Merging Pyramix
1.0 - January 2007: First version VST Windows

Of course, we hope that you will be satisfied with the plug-in. Please report any possible incompatibilities and bugs that you observe.


The software is made available on an "as is" basis only, without any warranty or indemnity of any kind. You shall not decompile, modify or adapt the software without permission. You shall not copy the software nor distribute it without the permission of the SCHOEPS company.


The plug-in was designed and developed by SCHOEPS. The VST Windows plug-in was created with the help of the IHA at the University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg/ Ostfriesland/ Wilhelmshaven; the VST and RTAS Mac plug-in was created with the help of the Institut für Musikwissenschaft/ Musikinformatik at the HfM Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe.