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X/Y Stereo Microphone


Unlike conventional microphones which have one fixed and one rotatable capsule, the angle between the capsules of the CMXY 4V (and hence the recording angle, which is the range within which the sound sources should be placed, as “seen“ by the microphone) can be adjusted with out affecting the main stereo axis. The capsules always rotate equally and in opposite directions by means of an ingenious gear arrangement in the base of the microphone. This greatly simplifies setting up the microphone.

The CMXY 4V has balanced outputs at an impedance of only 90 Ohms. This allows cable lengths of up to several hundred meters to be used without loss of sound quality, while the risk of electromagnetic interference is greatly reduced.

CMXY - the different versions

Two versions are available:

CMXY 4V Ig: miniature output connector;
the KS 5 IU adapter cable to XLR-5M is included.

CMXY 4V Ug: XLR-5M output plug;
The adapter cable AK SU/2U (XLR-5F to 2 × XLR-3M) is included.

If the “basket”-type windscreen WSR CMXY is to be used, the version of the microphone with miniature output connector (“I”) would be preferable. If the version with XLR-5M connector (“U”) must be used with this windscreen, a short (right-angle) XLR connector is required on the cable to avoid its scraping against the inside of the “basket.”

When any microphone is placed near (but not directly onto) a flat surface, comb-filter effects will occur. These can be reduced if the surface (e.g. the table top) consists of a perforated material.

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