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A large range of wind and pop screens offer optimal reduction of wind noise for various applications. The choice of a suitable wind or pop screen is very important for avoiding coloration of sound pickup.

These windscreens are of conventional open-pore foam construction.

These windscreens are a specialty of SCHOEPS. Designed especially for use with cardioid and supercardioid capsules, their enclosed volume of air allows highly effective suppression of wind and breath noise despite their small ... more

For close miking of vocals or speech, pressure-gradient microphones such as cardioids and supercardioids require pop screens, which should be as sonically neutral as possible. In addition to the types shown here the B 5 D wind ... more

These small basket-type windscreens can achieve a high wind attenuation in spite of their small size.

Here you find windscreens for ORTF and M/S stereo.

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