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Stands and Tubes

By introducing modular microphone extension tubes in the early 1970s, SCHOEPS created a product which represents the SCHOEPS name more than almost any other. These extension tubes are available today in many versions for both the Colette modular series and the CCM compact series, and more than ever before form the basis for an elegant miking arrangement.

There is hardly another product that represents the SCHOEPS name as much as the RC active extension tube. It offers a high degree of versatility and an elegant design.

In appearance, the passive CCM extension tubes closely resemble the RC active tubes of the Colette modular system. Additionally the STV adjustable-height microphone stand and the STA are available.

Heavy Floor Stand
BF 250
  • supplied with a quick release twist-lock chuck, type SPV 12-3/8

Support clamp for microphone amplifiers
K 20 STR
  • stand support clamp for a microphone amplifier

Stand Connector
RG 12
  • connects two vertical support rods

Swivel joint
RG 8
  • for clamping RC or RL extension tubes to STR support rods

RG 88
  • double version of the RG 8 swivel

Special Foam Mat
SM 270
  • additional isolation against vibration for BF 250

Vertical Support Rod
  • for microphone extension rods and other accessories
  • available in lengths 250, 350, 600, 1000mm

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