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The supercardioid has the greatest directional effect of any first-order pressure gradient transducer. The response 90° off-axis is -10 dB. The polar diagram is consistent at all frequencies, which means that regardless of its direction of origin, sound will be picked up free of unwanted coloration. For this reason the supercardioid is the preferred type of microphone for dialog recording in film and video sound, particularly indoors.
From low to midrange frequencies, the directionality of a supercardioid is comparable to that of a “shotgun” microphone.

Compact Microphone
CCM 41
  • supercardioid with highly consistent directionality throughout its frequency range
  • for music and speech
  • high directivity, comparable to that of a short “shotgun“ microphone up through midrange frequencies

Compact Microphone
  • supercardioid with especially consistent directionality throughout its frequency range
  • “vertical” (side-addressed) supercardioid capsule
  • for a very wide range of recording applications

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