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Compact microphones CCM

There are eighteen different CCM compact microphones. Among these are omnies, wide cardioids, an "Open Cardioid," cardioids, supercardioids, a figure-8 pattern, a mechanically switchable microphone (cardioid / omnidirectional), several microphones specifically designed for close pickup of speech as well as a boundary-layer microphone which can be built, for example, into the surface of a table.

Omnidirectional microphones - if constructed as single-diaphragm transducers, as all our omnidirectional microphones and capsules are - can be considered optimal due to their excellent reproduction of low frequencies and ... more

The cardioid is the most popular type of directional microphone. It combines the highest level of audio quality with optimal suppression of rear-incident sound. SCHOEPS cardioids have a directional pattern that remains the same ... more

Schoeps introduced the world’s first wide cardioid microphones and capsules some twenty years ago. This pattern combines the advantages of omnidirectional and cardioid characteristics in an optimal manner. To an extraordinary ... more

The “Open Cardioid” directional pattern is ideal for use as a soloist or spot microphone. The polar diagram lies between classic cardioid and wide cardioid. It offers a good amount of directivity and a very natural sound.

The supercardioid has the greatest directional effect of any first-order pressure gradient transducer. The response 90° off-axis is -10 dB. The polar diagram is consistent at all frequencies, which means that regardless of its ... more

As with all other Schoeps microphones and microphone capsules, the figure-8 is a single-membrane system that uses no electronic equalization. It is a genuine dipole and thus a pure pressure gradient transducer. It is very well ... more

The SCHOEPS switchable-pattern compact microphone is a single-membrane system. Its patterns are changed mechanically, not electrically. This is why its level of performance is very close to that of the corresponding single-pattern versions.

The P series

SCHOEPS offers special directional microphones and capsules for close pickup. Their marked reduction in low-frequency response compensates for proximity effect and helps to suppress both "popping" and ambient ... more

Boundary layer microphones have remarkably uniform frequency response for all angles of sound incidence. This provides an especially natural-sounding reproduction of room sound.