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Boundary Layer Capsule

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Typical applications include pickup of stage dialogue, or in orchestra pits, as an ambience microphone and for special public address applications. Since the microphone may well be used on the floor, the likelihood of damage from its being stepped on has been reduced by careful design and construction. As a rule, the capsule will not be harmed by normal footwear.

The BLM 3 (boundary-layer microphone capsule) resembles any other microphone capsule of the Colette series in that it needs a microphone amplifier CMC to form a complete microphone. This arrangement allows the pad (DZC) and Active Accessories such as the variable low-cut filter (CUT 1 or CUT 2) or the Active Cable (KC) to be added as well.

Boundary layer microphones are particularly useful for unobtrusive recording with A/B (spaced microphone) methods, but M/S recording is also possible, using the special MS-BLM accessory.

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