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Flanged mounting adapter with internal shock mount
AF 1

  • provides elastic suspension for microphone holders, e.g. goosenecks
  • for mounting in surfaces
Flanged mounting adapter with internal shock mount AF 1

This convenient elastic suspension device accepts any microphone or accessory (such as a gooseneck) with a 20 mm diameter. A clamping arrangement holds the item in place.

For use with our accessories, a mounting cylinder
(ST 20-3/8) with 20 mm outer diameter and a stud with 3/8" threading is available. It has a hole drilled in the center of its top which could be used to pass a miniature cable through. To avoid the need for unsoldering and resoldering the cable connector, however, two notches are also provided on the sides of the adapter.
(Exception: the connector used at the amplifier end of Colette Active Extension Tubes RC KC won't fit through the 20 mm opening).

The ST 20-3/8 mounting cylinder must be ordered separately.

Important: Longer goosenecks or other extensions longer than 30cm need to be mounted with two AF1 according to the drawing below.

Installation Instructions

Longer goosenecks need two AF1 for mounting