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Polarflex Mount

  • suitable suspension for Polarflex
  • Based on the SCHOEPS Polarflex technique that was presented for the first time in 1998
  • A Polarflex reference setup consists of the microphones CCM 2, CCM 8 and the Polarflex Plug-in
  • Create novel polar patterns, create novel sound characteristics that elsewhere don´t exist
  • Optimally suited e.g. as a vocal microphone or as a stereo spot microphone pair on the piano
  • Tune the sound after/while recording
  • corresponding Plug-in is available for free

The Polarflex mount A2P CCM offers an elegant solution to realize the Polarflex technique. It using the two standard CCM microphones CCM 2 (_/S/H) and CCM 8.

Apart from the A2P CCM it is possible to experiment with the Polarflex technique using microphones of the SCHOEPS Colette series.

The output signals of the A2P CCM are processed by the Polarflex Plug-in.