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Schoeps recommande

These products are NOT distributed directly by Schoeps. For information about ordering, please visit the vendor's web page referenced on the product page.
Tube with integrated lights
RLG/RS/SRS with lights by dmb
  • Special version of an extension tube with an integrated light.
  • The products RLG, RL, RS and SRS can be chosen as a basis.

Windshield set for M/S
Zephyx Z-CCM-MS
  • Windshield for M/S with microphones of the CCM series
  • part of the Zephyx series from CINELA

Zephyx Z-CMXY
  • Windshield from CINELA for the CMXY 4V Ug
  • part of the Zephyx series from CINELA

Boundary layer suspension
Maiersound „Turtle“
  • elastic suspension at a boundary layer
  • microphone is only a few mm above the ground