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Montage plug-and-play pour prise de son 3D-Audio d'ambiance
ORTF-3D Outdoor Set

  • solution plug-and-play pour ambiance 3D � l'ext�rieur
  • Wind and weatherproof with internal heating
  • 8 discrete recording channels for L, R, Ls, Rs and Lh, Rh, LSh, RSh. If a Center channel is needed, add the downmix L+R at a low level.
ORTF-3D Outdoor Set pour prise de son 3D d'ambiance

The ORTF-3D wad developed aiming at optimal imaging characteristics, similar to those of the 'ORTF Stereo' and 'ORTF Surround' setups. It features very good 360° imaging with a pleasant, natural-sounding
spatial impression and a large listening area.

The ORTF-3D setup uses 8 supercardioid studio quality microphones: 4 * CCM 41 + 4 * CCM 41V.

The 'ORTF-3D Outdoor Set' is a complete set including windshield with suspension and fur, 8 microphones, two multicore cables, two breakout cables; additional rain protection available as an option.

Applications: Ambience for sports events, film sound, etc.

About the development and application of the ORTF-3D technique: