OCT-3D Set

Recording technique for 9ch Surround


  • 9ch set for 3D recording using the "OCT-3D" recording technique with microphones and stereo bars
  • OCT-3D is a recording technique for 7.1 or 9.1 Surround. It expands the well-known OCT technique to height channels.
  • Features of the OCT technique: natural spatial sound, balanced imaging characteristics, good stability

Order number

  • No. 129005


The set contains:

  • 6 * CCM 41 L, Supercardioid Microphones
  • 3 * CCM 4 L, Cardioid Microphones
  • 2 * MAB 1000, Stereo bars with additional riders for the height channels + CB-MAB + case

optional: 4 * support rods STR 250.
These support rods serve to create a space between the lower and upper level microphones. This reduces their correlation in the diffuse field. Since the correlation in the diffuse field plays a smaller role in vertical pairs of speakers than in horizontal, the 4 Supercardioids for the vertical channels can also be mounted directly on the stereo bars.

Technical Specifications

Stereophonic recording technique



3D Audio Natural Recording

Paper on psychoacoustic basics for 3D Audio Microphone Recording

by Günther Theile, Helmut Wittek, 2016


Microphone techniques for 3D-Audio and VR

About Basics, Image Assistant, OCT-3D, ORTF-3D, etc. (Powerpoint slides)

Helmut Wittek, 2018


OCT, OCT Surround: Guide

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