MiniCMIT Double MS Set Pianissimo

Set with MiniCMIT, CCM 4 and CCM 8


  • complete set for recording with a compact shotgun microphone

Order number

  • No. 175206


Set contains:

  • No. 140103: MiniCMIT
  • No. 121105: CCM 8
  • No. 121015: CCM 4
  • No. CIN-PIANI-3-MiniCMIT: Pianissimo PIANI-3 for MiniCMIT
  • No. 152405: K DMS 5 U
  • No. 152401: AK DMS/3U

Technical Specifications

Stereophonic recording technique

Double MS


Windshields & suspensions for the CMIT series

A selection of the available products for the CMIT series

User Brochures

CMIT Shotgun Microphone Series

Product flyer CMIT Shotgun Microphone Series

Product sheets

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Double M/S – a Surround recording technique put to test

Paper on the basics and properties of the Double M/S technique

Helmut Wittek et al., 2010