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Modular “Colette” microphones consist of the combination of two basic units as shown – a microphone capsule and amplifier.
The number of possible combinations is quite large – there are 20 types of microphone capsule and 6 basic types of amplifier. With very few exceptions, any type of capsule can be used with any type of amplifier. This feature of the Colette series is indicated by the above icon.

SCHOEPS offers 20 different microphone capsules, including omnidirectional, wide cardioid, "Open Cardioid," supercardioid and figure-8 types, as well as a capsule with mechanically switchable patterns (omni/cardioid) and several ... more

In addition to the standard, phantom-powered CMC 6 amplifier type, SCHOEPS also offers special types for battery-powered operation and for use with pocket transmitters.

SCHOEPS offers pairs of our best-selling ”Colette”-series microphones in sets.

Each wooden case contains two complete microphones with selected, matched capsules, SG 20 stand adapters, B 5 D windscreens and the CMC 6 ... more

Active accessories are connected between the capsule and amplifier of a Colette-series microphone. The RC extension tubes in particular are often part of the picture at prominent cultural events. The modular construction of the ... more