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SCHOEPS puts a special emphasis on maximum usability for our microphones. For this reason, a large variety of accessories is available. These accessories are designed for long service life and for their ability to help the user adapt his or her microphones to the demands of any situation. The range of accessories is constantly reviewed and extended. We are furthermore committed to respond to individual requests as far as possible.

This category includes microphone stand adapters, elastic suspensions and devices for hanging microphones in a variety of applications.

By introducing modular microphone extension tubes in the early 1970s, SCHOEPS created a product which represents the SCHOEPS name more than almost any other. These extension tubes are available today in many versions for both ... more

SCHOEPS' tabletop and integrated solutions for surface mounting provide flexible, high-quality setups for conferences in combination with standard SCHOEPS microphones of the compact or modular Colette Series.

Only small-diaphragm condenser microphones offer uncompromised audio quality in live sound applications such as broadcast or public address. SCHOEPS microphones can also be attached to musical instruments by means of various ... more

Most stereophonic setups can be realized by combining conventional microphones with some of our many accessories.

SCHOEPS offers high-quality cables for mono, stereo and three-channel use. The new K EMC cable offers particularly good immunity to electromagnetic interference.

Here you will find electronic accessories with XLR connectors, as well as a sphere accessory for influencing the directional properties of pressure transducers.

A large range of wind and pop screens offer optimal reduction of wind noise for various applications. The choice of a suitable wind or pop screen is very important for avoiding coloration of sound pickup.

The accessories of the CCM series offer the same versatility and elegant appearance as those of the Colette modular system. The RL extension tubes in particular are often part of the picture at prominent cultural events. The ... more

Active accessories are connected between the capsule and amplifier of a Colette-series microphone. The RC extension tubes in particular are often part of the picture at prominent cultural events. The modular construction of the ... more

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