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Active Accessories

Active accessories are connected between the capsule and amplifier of a Colette-series microphone. The RC extension tubes in particular are often part of the picture at prominent cultural events. The modular construction of the Colette system offers many possibilities for practical applications.

There is hardly another product that represents the SCHOEPS name as much as the RC active extension tube. It offers a high degree of versatility and an elegant design.

Low-Cut Filter
CUT 60
  • recommended for use with the MK41 on a boom
  • can be screwed between MK capsules and CMC amplifier
  • very effective suppression of low-frequency wind noise and solid-borne noise

Capsule Swivel
  • allows the angle of a capsule to be adjusted on all microphone amplifiers of the Colette modular system
  • adjustable from 0° through 120° in either direction

Active Colette Cables
  • for insertion between any capsule and any amplifier of the Colette Modular System

Stereo extension cable with Binder miniature connectors
KS 5 I
  • for miniature stereo recording system with Active Cable

PAD 10/20 C
  • ca. 10 dB constant attenuation
  • raises maximum sound pressure level by ca. 10 dB
  • attenuates signal ahead of CMC microphone ampli fiers of the Colette modular system

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