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Accessories CCM

The accessories of the CCM series offer the same versatility and elegant appearance as those of the Colette modular system. The RL extension tubes in particular are often part of the picture at prominent cultural events. The balanced, low-impedance output circuit of the CCM effectively prevents interference from affecting the signal.

SCHOEPS puts a special emphasis on maximum usability for our microphones. For this reason, a large variety of accessories is available. These accessories are designed for long service life and for their ability to help the user ... more

In appearance, the passive CCM extension tubes closely resemble the RC active tubes of the Colette modular system. Additionally the STV adjustable-height microphone stand and the STA are available.

Stereo adapter cable from Binder to XLR-5M
  • for the miniature stereo recording system with CCM _L Compact Microphones, or for the miniature X/Y stereo microphone CMXY 4V I

Adapter cable
K 5 LU
  • adapter cable from Lemo to XLR-3M output connectors

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