S 250 L5U

Gooseneck with Cable for CCM/CMC 1 L


  • Length 250 mm
  • 3/8"-thread at the bottom end
  • permanently attached 5 m cable to XLR3M
  • for CCM/CMC 1 L

Order number

  • No. 123505


The cable can be brought out from the side of the gooseneck or, after resoldering the connector, from the center of the gooseneck. In this way the cable can invisibly be led through the center hole of the cylinder ST 20-3/8. The unit is delivered with cable exiting from the side.

Variants & Options

The gooseneck is basically available of any length. A length greater than 420 mm is not recommended.

The three basic variants of the gooseneck are:  

  • # 123505: S 250 L5U (this product)
    Gooseneck with 3/8 "thread, 5 m cable with XLR3M output
  • # 123506: S 250 LU
    Gooseneck with XLR connector at the bottom, no cables
  • # 133509: S 250 C
    Gooseneck for Colette series, for connection to amplifier (e.g., CMC 6)

A variant with LED ring is also available (# 193003 surcharge for LED). The product is then called "S 250 LED L".