RS 420 C, SRS 420 C

Goosenecks for Colette


  • Length 420 mm
  • connected at the bottom to a Colette amplifier, e.g. CMC 6

Order number

  • No. 133507 RS 420 C
  • No. 133517 SRS 420 C


These goosenecks are screwed between the MK microphone capsule and the CMC microphone amplifier.

The lower part of the RS and SRS is flexible. On that a longer tube is connected. In the SRS version, another flexible part at the top of the tube allows the microphone to bend.


These goosenecks are usually mounted in the table.

Installation of long tubes in the table, necessary accessories for it:

  • 2 * flanged mounting adapters AF 1
  • Cylinder adapter ST 20-3/8 ext

Due to the length of the gooseneck, two mounting adapters AF 1 arranged one above the other are required for the stability and isolation rom solid-borne noise. These are connected to a cylinder (ST 20-3/8 ext), see diagram:

Graphic 2 * AF 1

The assembly is straightforward. The elastic mounting adapter AF 1 offers a good isolation from solid-borne noise despite the relatively firm fixation.

Technical Specifications


420 mm

Length of the cable

5 m


RS: 8mm, SRS: 6,4mm und 8mm



Surface finish

matte gray (g)

Variants & Options

Special lengths are possible.

#133507: RS 420 C:
from top to bottom: long tube element, gooseneck element, Output plug for Colette

#133517: SRS 420 C:
from top to bottom: gooseneck element, long tube element, gooseneck element, Output plug for Colette

The RS and SRS are also available as a Lemo version for the CCM microphones, then terminate e.g. on a ⅜" thread for connection to a T 5 table stand or the cylinder ST 20-⅜.