TR 200 L, TSR 200 L

Adjustable Desk Stands for CCM


  • Elegant table stand for CCM microphones
  • adjustable in height and angle, either by gooseneck or joint
  • without cable, lemo jack as output

Order number

  • No. 123513 TR 200 L
  • No. 123514 TSR 200 L


The built-in table stands TR L and TSR L for the microphones of the CCM series are adjustable in height and angle. The bottom plate contains a lemo jack for connection to the K 5 LU adapter cable supplied with the CCM microphone.

Technical Specifications


230 mm


230 mm


80 mm 

Variants & Options

Special lengths of the tube are possible.

  • TR L: Table stand with swivel at the head end for tilting the microphone, counterpart of the TR KC for CCM
  • TSR L: Table stand with gooseneck element at the head end