Adapter for string instruments


  • Instrument adapter for live recording of string instruments
  • with SGCM clamp for CCM 4, 4V
  • enables a very dry recording

Order number

  • No. 161704 VA 1 Violinenadapter für KC/CCM, Spanne 25-40mm
  • No. 161705 VA 2 Violinenadapter, 8mm, Spanne 26-50mm
  • No. 161706 VA 3 Violoncello-Adapter, 8mm, Spanne 80 -140mm
  • No. 161707 VA 4 Kontrabassadapter für Korpus, 8mm, Spanne 200 - 260mm
  • No. 161708 VA 5 Kontrabassadapter für Steg, 8mm, Spanne 10 - 20mm


The VA 1, 2, 3 and 4 are clamped to the body of the instrument. A leather overlay prevents damage to the surface. The advantage of mounting the microphone on the rib, where less (mechanical) vibrations occur, lies in the reduced damping of the instrument.

VA 5: This instrument adapter is attached to the bridge of the double bass.

To protect the microphone from sedimentation of rosin dust, the B 1, a thin, dark gray foam cover is included.


Variants & Options

VA 1-5 see above at "Order Code"

Recommended accessories