Adapter for string instruments

Product is discontinued and no longer available.


  • Instrument adapter for live recording of string instruments
  • with SGCM clamp for CCM 4, 4V
  • enables a very dry recording

Order number

  • No. 161704 VA 1, violin adapter for KC/CCM, span 25-40mm
  • No. 161705 VA 2, violin adapter, 8mm, span 26-50mm
  • No. 161707 VA 4, double bass adapter for body, 8mm, range 200 - 260mm
  • No. 161708 VA 5 Double bass adapter, 8mm, Attachement at the bridge


The VA 1, 2, 3 and 4 are clamped to the body of the instrument. A leather overlay prevents damage to the surface. The advantage of mounting the microphone on the rib, where less (mechanical) vibrations occur, lies in the reduced damping of the instrument.

To protect the microphone from sedimentation of rosin dust, the B 1, a thin, dark gray foam cover is included.


Variants & Options

VA 1,2,5 see above at "Order Code"

Recommended accessories