Straight Extension Tube


The RL is the extension tube for CCM-L series microphones.

Its properties are essentially the same as those of the RC.

At the head end there is a Lemo plug to which the CCM microphone is attached; at the lower end there is a Lemo socket on which the adapter cable K 5 LU is plugged. It is included with the microphone CCM-L.

The stand swivel RG 8 is included with the RL.



Order number

  • No. 123501 RL 1200 (120cm)
  • No. 123502 RL 350 (35cm)
  • No. 123503 RL 700 (70cm)

Technical Specifications


350 mm, 700 mm, 1200 mm


8 mm

Surface finish

matte gray (g)

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