Internship: Recording Studio / Manufacturing / Marketing

We are looking for an intern in our recording studio and in manufacturing / marketing from July/August/September 2024.

You will work in a dedicated team in the manufacturing and development of microphones and microphone technologies. You will be responsible for our recording studio and work independently on projects where audio quality plays a major role. You will also be involved in the production of microphones and their components as well as in marketing, so you will get a comprehensive overview of the Schoeps company and get to know the employees well.

Your tasks

  • Supervision of our sound studio as an independent sound technician
  • Working with acoustic measurement technology
  • Carrying out sound engineering projects for various applications in development or marketing
  • Collaboration in production
  • Collaboration on projects in the field of marketing, e.g. website

Your profile

  • You study audio engineering (college, university), electrical engineering, media technology or similar
  • You are interested in microphones and professional audio technology or acoustics
  • You want to be a committed member of our team.


  • 6 months or longer (due to the minimum wage law, it must be a mandatory internship at an educational institution).

If interested, please contact [email protected] by February 2024 with reference to the internship you are interested in.